About us

At Lavia Health our main aim is to provide you with the highest quality 100% natural organic supplements without any harmful additives, artificial ingredients, flavours & preservatives. We have spent many months into developing and researching the worlds most powerful superfoods on the planet, to heal you naturally from any type of sickness you may have. That superfood in fact is actually Sea Moss, it contains 92/102 minerals our body needs.

It has taken a very long time to find a sustainable supplier which harvest's "sea moss" wild & organically, for us to provide you with as many company's out there will try to sell you fakes which are grown in pools artificially which takes away all the benefits of sea moss in fact can actually make what you wanted to solve worse.

For this reason are goal is to become the biggest Sea Moss brand which sells the best quality sea moss for our customers, you are with us on this journey, mark our words.