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What is Sea Moss?

Sea Moss is a natural sea weed or also know as (Chondrus crispus / Irish Moss) found in St.Lucia. It contains 92 out of the 102 minerals our body needs and is know for its natorious health benefits.

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    Our Sea Moss is fully organic. This means that it's grown naturally without the use of artificial chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers. Organic the way nature intended.

  • Wildcrafted

    The Sea Moss we provide is wildcrafted, meaning it's essentially 'wild caught'. We get it from the environment naturally & sustainably.

  • Zero Additives / Preservatives

    Due to our Sea Moss being fully organic + wildcrafted, this means that we ensure to use no additives. Free-from: Perservatives, artificial sweetners & colours.

  • Sustainability

    Our Sea Moss is fully natural, sourced directly from St.Lucia without hurting the environment. Sea Moss is harvested at small amounts to ensure the environment / habit is not affected.

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St.Lucia Sea Moss Lavia Health

St.Lucia Sea Moss

Our Sea Moss comes from Saint Luica on the West Indies on the East side of the Caribbean. We source the highest quality Sea Moss that we can directly from the Source and each batch is handled with full care / responsibility.

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Science Backed Studies Made On Sea Moss 🧪

Over the years Sea Moss has become increasingly popular. Are the benefits backed by science?

We have added our list of scienctific studies made on Sea Moss (Chondrus crispus) to show why we are so passionate about the health benefits of Sea Moss.

Our Mission 🎯

Since the very start of our brand, our mission has always been to focus on optimising peoples health through the use of natural methods in a safe way.

Our main priority is also to help spread the message of natural health / wellness to more & more people to help build a community of people who understand the importance of health and how to optimise it.